Full Exterior Facade Restoration for 85-unit 6-story Midrise Building

Duration: February 2018 – March 2019 (13 months)

Property: The Newstead Condominium Association located at 609 W South Orange Ave, South Orange, NJ 07079 is an 85 unit six-story midrise residential building.

Water infiltration throughout the building caused a tremendous amount of damage to the building exterior. After years and hundreds of thousands of dollars spent in unsuccessful attempts to repair and prevent future water damage, the association hired an engineer to produce an extensive scope of work and specifications and ultimately the Association awarded the project to Jesan. The engineer and the association agreed on the need to strip the entire building down to its frame and install a new exterior using a combination of thin brick and EIFS (Exterior Insulation Finishing Systems.)

EIFS is a beautiful foam product that can be crafted to give an exterior a modern decorative dimensional look. It was very popular in the 1980’s and 90’s when it first entered the construction market, but the construction industry soured on it because in many instances water had no way of weeping out and would get trapped behind it causing damage.  But the problem was not in the product; it was in the installers who lacked the qualifications and education to install the proper drainage systems behind the product. Unlike other contractors, Jesan has the expertise and experience to apply EIFS beautifully and properly.

The Jesan Difference

  • Our unique experience and ability to properly install the multiply beneficial EIFS product.
  • Our ability to effectively self-perform most all of this project’s diverse and complex trades including drainage work, concrete restoration / masonry deck, painting and installing thin brick panels and EIFS.
  • Our ability to effectively plan and execute a series of intricate tasks on time and under budget.

Project Details
Jesan performed most of the project, including:

  • Installing 6 stories of scaffolding around the entire perimeter of the building
  • Stripping the entire building exterior down to its frame.
  • Creating and implementing effective drainage systems, including a drainage system at ground level around the perimeter to prevent water infiltration to the ground level units.
  • Installing new metal coping on the roof over the parapet wall around the top of the building.
  • Restoring all the concrete patio decks. This entailed removing any tiles, existing coatings, flaking, and deterioration. Then scarifying with a machine that grinds the deck down to get rid of all the loose debris. Once we got each deck down to bare concrete, we repaired the top, side edges and underside of the deck slabs with a concrete patching mix and then we applied a waterproof coating on balcony patio floors and ceilings.
  • Working in concert with a contractor the condominium association hired to remove and replace all the windows and sliding doors. We coordinated strategizes to cover all intricacies to prevent water infiltration, installed flashings and integrated the flashing system around the windows and doors.
  • Repainting all the exterior railings made out of aluminum with glass panels. We took the glass panels out of each rail, painted everything, and then re-installed the glass panels. 
  • Installing a new modern looking exterior facade with a combination of thin brick and EIFS. This entailed putting EIFS foam on the building in different thicknesses to make different accents. For the front of the building, we created a square limestone tile looking design pattern our installation technicians carved out of the foam. The color scheme:  tan EIFS, charcoal railings, and tan / charcoal combination thin brick also helped to give the building a modernized look.
  • Fulfilling the condominium’s desire to complete the poolside of the building one week before pool opened in May.